Nano Group, University of Southampton

Nano Group

Micro and nanofabrication

Cutting edge and novel fabrication and characterisation are core to the research of the Group and researchers are pushing the boundaries of the equipment and processes used in the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre, as well as developing novel processes on new materials. A strategic area in the realm of fabrication and characterisation across the scale from atoms right up to the macro human interface level is an important focus for a facility which aims to be the premier fabrication house in the UK, with a complete range of cutting edge characterisation tools. This is an area of research activity which is not specific to a given device but which requires breadth of knowledge and expertise to produce technologies of integration which are broad and generally applicable.

Key topics:

  • Graphene
  • Extreme lithography
  • Helium Ion microscopy and fabrication
  • Novel material integration
  • 3D and hybrid fabrication
  • Fluid systems and polymer fabrication
  • Biological self assembly