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ECS researchers to present at world’s biggest nanotechnology show

Professor Neil White
Professor Neil White

The future of intelligent sensor networks will be a key theme for University of Southampton researchers when they deliver papers at Nanotech 2005 next month.

Seven researchers from the University’s School of Electronics & Computer Science have been invited to present at this, the largest international nanotechnology conference and trade show in the world, which will take place at the Anaheim Marriott & Convention Centre, Anaheim from 8-12 May 2005 and will bring together specialists from a wide range of fields of science, technology and business and over 2,500 attendees.

Intelligent sensors and the challenges posed by incorporating them into sensor networks will be the theme of Professor Neil White’s plenary lecture on Intelligent Sensors: Systems or Components. The theme of wireless sensor networks will be continued with a paper from Geoff Merrett on the subject; Dr Nick Harris will present on Modelling of microfluidic ultrasonic separators, Dr Peter Boltryk on Optimal signal extraction from smart sensors, Hamza Rouabah on Design and modelling of novel micropumps , and Daniele Malleo on Design of an electrostatic MEMS actuator.

Dr Michael Kraft is also presenting an invited talk on Higher-order Sigma-Delta Modulator Interfaces for MEMS.

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Posted by Joyce K Lewis on 28 Apr 2005.