Nano Group, University of Southampton

Nano Group

New name for world-leading ECS research group

Nanoscale Systems Integration (NSI) is the new title for one of the School of Electronics and Computer Science's eight world-leading research groups. According to Head of Group, Professor Greg Parker, NSI (previously known as Microelectronics) has undergone considerable change over the years. From initial research into Silicon microelectronic devices only, the Group’s interests now encompass MEMs/NEMs, photonic crystal circuits and devices, solar cells, new materials, atom chips, 'Lab-on-a-chip' particle manipulators, nanomagnetic materials and devices, nanophotonics, and continuing work on advanced bipolar and MOS devices.

'The theme that more exactly defines our work today is fabrication and engineering at the nanometre length scale, in order to produce small integrated systems on chips,' said Professor Parker. 'The creation and characterisation of new metamaterials will form part of the overall nanoscale system engineering. We will also draw on Biomimetics--studying living systems in order to borrow evolutionary solutions to optical and mechanical problems honed by Nature for over 50 million years.'

The NSI group will work and collaborate closely with Innos, the recently created University spin-out company that now runs and maintains the Clean-Room facility.

Posted by Joyce K Lewis on 01 Feb 2005.