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£3.3 million technology grant for researchers to fill nano-pores

A team of researchers led by Dr Pier Sazio of the Optoelectronics Research Centre and Dr David Smith of Physics and Astronomy has won funding for a four year nanotechnology project under the Research Councils UK Basic Technology Research Programme. This innovation will result in structures with unique optical and electronic properties, with a number of diverse applications ranging from integrated circuits to chemical sensors.

The project, which runs for four years, is a collaborative effort involving scientists from four University of Southampton departments as well as researchers in the Chemistry departments at the Universities of Nottingham and Manchester. The project involves using a new form of chemical vapour deposition to enable the right types of growth in the pores. Professor Parker designed and implemented the four low-pressure chemical vapous deposition systems housed in the Innos clean-room.

Posted by Joyce K Lewis on 28 Jan 2005.