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Academic promotions for ECS researchers

clockwise from top left: Alex Rogers, Nick Harris, Dave Millard, Nic Green, mc schraefel
clockwise from top left: Alex Rogers, Nick Harris, Dave Millard, Nic Green, mc schraefel

The University of Southampton announced this week that five members of ECS academic staff had received promotions.

It was announced that Dr Nic Green, Dr Alex Rogers and dr mc schraefel had been awarded Readerships in the School of Electronics and Computer Science, and Dr Nick Harris and Dr David Millard had been awarded Senior Lectureships.

Dr Nic Green is a member of the School's Nano group and researches particularly in the areas of Bioelectronics and Microfluidics. His research involves the fundamental physics of the interaction of electric fields with microfluidic and biological systems, and the application of the technology to the development of chemical and medical analysis and diagnostic devices.

Dr Alex Rogers is a member of the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia (IAM) group and is interested in developing and applying agent-based algorithms and mechanisms for the control of decentralised systems; particularly decentralised information systems such as sensor networks. He works with ideas that lie in the intersection of artificial intelligence, data fusion, game theory and microeconomics.

dr mc schraefel is also a member of the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia group. Her main area of research is interaction and information systems design to support knowledge building in desktop, mobile and increasingly pervasive environments. She is interested in looking at how we can design tools to help connect information on massive information repositories like the Web to make better use of the information that's out there. dr schraefel currents holds a five-year Senior Research Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Dr Nick Harris is a member of the Electronics Systems and Devices research group. His research interests include novel thick-film sensing materials, such as PZT and Terfenol, and associated applications - for example, the combination of silicon micromachining with thick film PZT to make microsystems such as pumps and acoustic separators.

Dr Dave Millard is now Senior Lecturer of Computer Science in the Learning Societies Lab group and is also associated with the IAM group. He has been involved in Hypertext and Web research for over ten years, firstly in the area of Open, Adaptive and Contextual hypermedia and more recently in the area of Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Knowledge and Narrative interfaces, and the impact of Web Literacy on e-learning and m-learning.

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Posted by Joyce K Lewis on 27 Feb 2009.